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Sales conditions and privacy info

Sales conditions

General info about the sale of alcoholic drinks:

  1. In Italy the sale of alcoholic drinks is prohibited to people under 18 years of age. Do not buy alcoholic drinks if you are less than 18 years old. As distance vendors we may verify your age.
  2. Cà del Principe follows the national and international policies for the responsible drinking.
  3. Verify the laws of your country before buying alcoholic drinks. During the purchase, you have to declare implicitly to be informed about the laws of your country and to relieve the agricultural company Cà del Principe of every blame.
  4. Further importation taxes have to be paid.


Cà del Principe follows the Legislative Decree 185/99 “Implementation of the 97/7/CE guideline concerning the customer protection in the field of distance contracts”. If a product does not satisfy you or you have got other reasons for giving back the ware you have purchased, you can exercise withdrawal by sending Cà del Principe the withdrawal letter in ten days after the arrival of the ware (art. 5, paragraph 4, Legislative Decree). The withdrawal letter, which must be sent by recorded delivery with a return receipt, has to be addressed to:

Azienda Agricola Ca' del Principe di Borello Ugo
Frazione Valdivilla - Strada Nicrosi, 3
12058 - Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)

You can send the wtihdrawal letter in advance (always in ten days) even by mail ( or by fax at the following number: +39 0141 847150. In order to do this, the withdrawal letter has to be confirmed in 48 hours with a registered delivery (date as postmark) as paper proof of the withdrawal.
The ware, which must be intact, must be sent to Cà del Principe in ten days after the dispatch of the withdrawal letter.
You have to sustain forwarding costs until the demonstration of the receipt in our base, because of the restitution costs, responsability for damages, robbery or loss of returned ware with not insured forwardings.
Cà del Principe provides you for the repayment of the paid sum as quick as possible and not late than 30 days after the restitution of the ware by credit transfer (at your bank data) or electronical credit.

You can not exercise withdrawal for these following reasons:

  • absence of integral parts of the product;
  • damage of the product not caused by the transportation;
  • purchase from traders which have got the VAT code or who can not be identified as consumers.

Guarantee of the products

The products are guaranteed by hygiene of food products, measures and conditions which are necessary for the prevention of dangers and for the idoneity for the consumption by humans of a food product. Cà del Principe carries out self-control procedures provided by our H.A.C.C.P1 manual (Legislative Decree 155/97).

Buyer's duties

After concluding the on-line purchase procedure, the consumer applies itself in printing and keeping of the present general conditions which will have been examined and accepted as obliged stage of the purchase, as well as the specific ones of the product purchased, in order to satisfy integrally the condition according to the art. 3 and 4, Legislative Decree 185/99. It is strictly prohibited to insert false or invented data during the registration procedure which is necessary for the activation of the procedure of the execution of the present contract and their further relative communications; the anagrafical data and the e-mail address must be exclusively the consumer's real ones and not those of third parties or those that are /> It is expressly prohibited to do double registrations which correspond to one person or to insert the data of third parties.

What to do in case of damages

In case the pack results bruised, wet or presents any other type of damage, this must be immediately signalled on the carrier bullettin indicating the reserve of the control of the ware and (important) describing the exetrnal damage. Without this indication we won't be able to activate the insurance procedure for the claim of damages, in the case the product contained results damaged while you are opening the pack.

Exemption fo responsability

Cà del Principe is not responsible of direct and indirect damages that the customer may sustain in relationship with the use of the purchased product. Cà del Principe is not even responsible for damages caused by losses of data and delays in the delivery or for major farce cause.

Fiscal papers

The articles sold on-line in Cà del Principe website include VAT Tax (except from abroad).
For every sale Cà del Principe issues the following fiscal papers: the delivery note and the invoice or the fiscal receipt. A copy of them is included in the pack and sent simultaneously.
During the pruchase the buyer which needs the commercial invoice has to request it by furnish the company name, the VAT code and the fiscal code; the private person has only to furnish the fiscal code.

Claims and legal controversies

In case of claims please contact us at our e-mail address or call us at the following number: +39 0141 847150.
We apologize us for possible ortography, typing and translation mistakes of the textes. We are relieved form any responsability for material and moral damages caused by them.
In case a price has been published erroneously in the uncorrected way, we reserve the right to suspend the sale.
The prices of the products and of the offers published may vary according to year and format and for this reason we reserve the right to carry out modifications without any notice.
The site is updated many times at day.
Possible legal controversies will be held in the tribunal near to the vendor's place.

Acceptance of the orders

Cà del Principe reserves the right to not accept the customer's order if the conditions that are necessary for its execution does not exist.

Cà del Principe website general privacy

In this page we describe the modalities with which we administer Cà del Principe website in reference to the personal data of the users who consult it. It is about a briefing for the treatment of personal data under the article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 (Privacy code) for the users of the services of our website, which are provided by internet. The briefing is not valid for other websites which can be consulted through our links.

Owner of the treatment

The executor of the treatment of the personal data relating to identified or identifiable people who consult the site is Azienda Agricola Ca' del Principe di Borello Ugo - Fraz. Valdivilla - Strada Nicrosi, 3 - 12058 - Santo Stefano Belbo (CN), inscribed to Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo with the code BRLGUO77T03B594E.

No data which comes from our webservices is communicated or put out to third parties.

The personal data furnished by user who send on the requests of services are used only in order to execute the requested service and they are not communicated to third parties except the case in which the communication must be done for legal duties or it is necessary for the fulfilment of the requests.

Net surfing data

The informatic systems and the software procedures used for the functioning of this website acquire during their normal discharge some personal data whose transmission is included in the use of the communication protocols by internet. It is about info which are not collected in order to be associated to identified interests but, because of their nature, they may allow to identify the users through elaborations and assosciations with data of third parties. To this category of data belong only and exclusively IP addresses or the domain names of the computers used by the users who connect to the site, the URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the requested resources, time of the request, the method used in making the request to the server, the number code that shows the state of the answer given by the server (success, error, etc..) and other paramethers relating to the operating system and the computer environment used by the user. These data are used only in order to get anonimous statistical info about the use of the site. The data may be used for the verification of responsabilities in case of hypothetical computer offence damaging the site.

Data dispatched voluntarily by users

The facultative, explicit and voluntary dispatch of the e-mail address to the addresses showed in this site determines the following acquisition of the sender's address which is necessary to answer to the requests and the other possible personal data furnished.
Sinthetic sinthesis briefings will be progressively reported or displayed in the pages of the site prearranged for particular services.


Cookies are text files which are memorised in the hard disc of the user's computer who is netsurfing. This memorization happens only and exclusively with the user's consent. As a matter of fact, the user can decide to not accept the memorization of the cookies on its hard disc setting suitably its own browser. Moreover, cookies are used by this website in order to improve the netsurfing experience and to provide a more personalized and user-friendly service during the consultation of the website and during the purchase process.

Statistics used by this website

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies, text files leaved on the computer of the user who visits the site in order to allow the website to analyze the way in which it is used. The information generated by the cookies about your use of the website, including your IP address, will be transmitted and registered in the Google's servers in the Usa. Google will transmit these information with the aim to outline and examine your use of the website, to compile reports about the activities of the website for the operators of the website and to provide other services relating to the activities of the website and to the use of Internet. Google may even transfer these information to third parties where it is obliged by law or these third parts treat these information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address to any other data owned. You can reject the use of the cookies selecting the suitable setting on your browser, but this can not allow you to use some functions of this website. Using the website you agree the treatment of your data by Google for the modalities and the purposes mentioned before.

Option of dispatching the data

Apart from what has been specified for the netsurfing data the user is free to dispatch its data in order to request the service offered by the society. In absence of them, the service requested can not be obtained.

Modalities of treatmet of the data

The personal data are treated with automathized informatic tools for the time that is necessary to reach the aim for which they are collected. Special safety measures are held in order to prevent the loss of the data, illegal or uncorrect uses and not auhtorized access.

Rights of the people concerned

According to the art.7 of the Privacy Code, the subjects which own the data have the right to know the presence of them and to obtain the deletion, the correction and the update of them by bringing the Executor in in the person of Cà del Principe at the address mentioned before.

Legal notes

This page contains important information concerning the website (afterwards site) and the copyright. Please read carefully these indications.
Cà del Principe is not responsible for damages caused by:

  • any imprecision, mistake or omission relating to the information reported in this website
  • any imprecision occurred on this website
  • possible presence of bugs
  • possible fraudulent intrusions made by third parties which have provoked the modification of the information provided on this website

Cà del Principe does not take any blame of any direct or undirected damage coming from the access to this site or to every other site to which the user has accessed by a link present in this site or coming from the impossibility to access to this site or to the sites linked to it, whatever what caused it.

User's license

The material present on is released with Creative Commons license attribution-not for sale-share a like 2.5 Italy.

If some material subject to copyright or breaching the laws in force has been unwillingly published, please contact Cà del Principe, who commits itself to remove immediately from its electronical archives the material breaching the copyright law in the moment it knows that breach.


Any other mentioned products, services or companies' names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.
They are protected form italian and international copyright laws.


The information contained in the site may contain tecnical imprecisions, omissions or typographic mistakes. The available documentation, including the documents that can be reached directly or undirectly with a link, the constitutive elements and the relative graphics are provided “as they are”, without a guarantee for defects which may prevent or limit the use.

Cà del Principe further reserves the right to make changes without notice and in every moment at the present notes and modalities of use, services, products and/or programs described in this site. Moreover, it does not guarantee that the documents are without mistakes, virus or other prejudiceable contents, transferring to the user the reparation and/or correction costs.

The user accepts to relieve Cà del Principe of any possible pretention, damage, direct or undirect blame for the use of this site.