Our philosophy

Our philosophy.
Grass still grows up in the wineyards.

In the vineyards grass still grows up.
According to our tradition which is consolidated over the years, we work the earth and the vineyard with effort and passion in order to safeguard our area and to maintain its typicalities.
Thanks to the low production levels per hectare and the limited use of fertilizers and of plant protection products we respect the environment compatibility criterions pretended by the European Community consumers.
Treatment are made by using only powder copper and sulphur and we can say with pride that in the vineyards grass still grows up.

We do a short pruning per fruit cane in winter (we cut 6-8 buds) and a pruning in summer through manual operations on the log (desuckering) and on the fruit cane (suckering, leaf removal, tipping and a possible thinning of the grapes).
The main aim of these pruning systems is to balance better the vegetating of the grapevine by improving the qualitative production of the grapes.

Even in the cellar we have developed a steady evolution in the enological field by being particularly careful to the selection of the products according to the quality. We work with a maximal respect of the grapes through soft pressing and traditional winemaking by using modern technologies.
The grapes come exclusively from our vineyards and we do winemaking without using clarifying agents. We limit filtrations in order to protect the typical characteristics of our wine.
For this reason, the red wines could origin a light deposit in the bottle over the time and this must be considered as genuiness sign of the product.