Langhe D.O.C. Freisa 2014

Langhe D.O.C. Freisa.

Grape variety: produced with Fresia grapes at 100%.
Production area: Santo Stefano Belbo (CN) - Frazione Valdivilla.
Soil: hard.
Cultivation system: saw guyot.
Total surface: 4.000 mq.
Age of the vineyard: 17 years old.
Harvest period: generally at the end of september according to the predetermined maturation level.
In the cellar: removal of the grapes stalks and smooth treading of the grapes.
Vinification method: fermentation and maceration made in steel tanks at the controlled temperature between 25° - 30°C and various repassing of the must over the grape dregs.
After the completion of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is drawn off by dividing it form the peel.
The temperature is kept at 18-20°C in order to facilitate the malo-lactic fermentation, so that the smooth taste is brought to the wine.
Afterwards the wine is poured and kept on the noble dregs up to the bottling.
Preparation time: 7-8 months in blending tanks and one years in bottle.
Colour: garnet red.
Smell: typical of raspberry and soft fruit.
Taste: amable and slightly tannic.
Alcoholic content: 13% vol.
Coupling: first and second important dishes, game, meat and cheese.
Technical information: content of 75 cl.
Packing: 6 bottles box.